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Doctors and hospitals in England make learning disabilities a priority

The National Health Service have said that they will make learning disabilities a priority in their future work.

The National Health Service is what we call all the doctors, nurses and hospitals.

A “priority” means something that more important than other things.

The National Health Service will make this in England.

This decision means that the National Health Service will also support autistic people more.

To understand how to support autistic people, they will talk to organisations of autistic people.

One of the organisations they will talk to is the National Autistic Society.

The National Autistic Society is a member of Autism-Europe.

The National Autistic Society will tell the National Health Service what they need to do to give autistic people more support.

They will tell the National Health Service that autistic people need to be able to get a diagnosis quickly and easily.

An autism diagnosis is when a doctor says that a person has autism.

They will also tell them that they must give support for autistic people after they get a diagnosis.

They will say that all doctors, nurses and dentists must understand autism and how to help autistic people better.

Autistic people and their families will advise the National Health Service.

Autistic people need to see doctors just like everyone else.

It is very important that doctors know how to support autistic people properly.