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Autism-Europe members meet in Brussels

On 1 and 2 December 2018

Autism-Europe members met in Brussels.

Brussels is a city in Belgium.

40 people from 18 countries

came to the meeting in Brussels.

At the meeting people learned about rules to follow

for things and services to be accessible

for people with disabilities.

These rules are called standards.

People with disabilities can help make standards

to have things and services more accessible.

At the meeting people decided about

what Autism-Europe will do in 2019.

People also voted

for the next president of Autism-Europe.

The new president is Harald Neerland.

He will start as president in 2020.

He is from Norway.

Norway is a country in Europe.

His daughter is autistic.

People also talked about the plan

for the congress of Autism Europe in 2019.

People also learned about

the Participate Autisme website from Belgium.

Belgium is a country in Europe.

The website has information for Belgium

to help autistic children and their families.