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Meeting on the European Day of Persons with Disabilities

On 3 and 4 December 2018

there was a meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

The meeting was about persons with disabilities

and how to make their lives better.

For example, with new laws.

Laws are rules all people must follow.

Many persons with disabilities from Europe,

people from the European Disability Forum,

members of the European Parliament,

and people working for the European Commission

came to the meeting.

The European Disability Forum helps

the European Commission and the European Parliament

to make laws for persons with disabilities from Europe.

The European Commission and the European Parliament

make laws together for all people of European Union.

The European Union is a group of 28 countries from Europe.

At the meeting, Pietro Cirrincione spoke.

He is the vice-president of Autism-Europe.

Together with other people he leads Autism-Europe.

He said more has to be done for autistic people and

Autism-Europe can help to do more for autistic people.

There was a group of autistic people, their relatives

and people working for Autism-Europe at the meeting.

Click here to read

what all the speakers said.

At the meeting people also talked about culture in Europe

and what it has to offer.

Culture is the ideas and behaviours

of a group of people.

Culture is also about

books, films, music, museums, monuments,

and places where important things happened.

At the meeting people talked about

how to make culture

easy to access for persons with disabilities.

Some cities of the European Union

won a prize.

The prize is called the Access City Award

A city is accessible when all people can live in it, move around and use all services without problems.

Marianne Thyssen and Tibor Navracsics from the European Commission

gave the award  to the winners.

The city of Breda; Netherlands won prize number 1

because Breda is easy to access

for persons with very different disabilities.

The city of Evreux, in France won award number 2

and the city of Gdynia, in Poland won award number 3.

People from the cities of Vigo, in Spain and Kaposvár, in Hungary, won prizes

for making their cities easy to access

It was difficult

because these two cities are very hilly.

People from the cities of Viborg, Denmark, and Monteverde, Italy, won prizes

Because their culture activities and places are

easy to access for persons with disabilities.