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European Union makes rules to help parents and carers enjoy more quality time

In 2019, the European Parliament and the European Council voted

for the Work-Life Balance Directive.

The European Parliament and the European Council make laws together

for all people of the European Union.

The European Union is a group of 28 countries from Europe.

Laws are rules that all people and countries must follow.

A directive is a rule that becomes laws in all European Union countries.

The Work Life Balance Directive helps people

enjoy more quality time at home.

The directive helps people to support their families better.

They can be with their families more when they need them

and take some time off work.

Fathers who work get at least 10 free days when they have a baby.

Fathers who work get paid during this time.

All parents can get time off to care for their family.

Carers get 5 days per year to be with their family when they need them.

Autism-Europe thinks

the Work Life Balance Directive helps autistic people

when they are parents they have more time for their children

Autistic children can have more support from their parents