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Autism-Europe has an International Congress

The International Congress of Autism Europe was from 13 to 15 September.

The Congress was at the Acropolis Centre in Nice.

Nice is a city in France.

Autisme France and Autism-Europe set up the Congress.

2200 people came to the Congress.

They came from more than 80 different countries.

They were persons with autism, their families, experts, carers, teachers and other interested people.

People learned new things about autism.

They talked with each other about how to make life better for people with autism.

Also people with autism spoke at the Congress.

One of them is Stef Bonnot-Briey.

She is an autistic member of Autism-Europe.

She talked about the rights of autistic people.

Rights are things that people can or cannot do.

Harald Neerland also spoke at the Congress.

He is also a member of Autism Europe.

He will be President of Autism-Europe next year.

He wants us to listen more to autistic people.

People with autism also helped to make the Congress centre comfortable for autistic people.

Click here to visit the Congress website.

You may need support to view the Congress website.

There was also a lot of art from people with autism at the Congress.

The Spanish autism organisation Autismo Burgos showed the art.

Autismo Burgos gave a prize for the best art.

The best art was from Omar Vera Rodríguez.

Omar is a 23-year-old person with autism from Mexico.

Mexico is a country in Central America.

Click here to see all art.