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The European Union works to respect the rights of workers with disabilities

Too many persons with disabilities
do not have a job
in the European Union.

They are treated worse than other people
because of their disability.

It is called discrimination.

The European Union wants
to change this situation.

The European Union is a group of 27 countries
from Europe

The European Parliament helps to make laws for all people
in the European Union.

Laws are rules all people must follow.

Katrin Langensiepen is a member
of the European Parliament.

She wants companies
to handle workers with disabilities
like other workers.

Autism-Europe wants the same.

Katrin asked Autism-Europe
and other organisations
how companies have to handle
people with disabilities.

Autism-Europe shared
what people with autism need
to work like other workers.

Katrin wrote all she heard
from Autism-Europe
and other organisations.

She wrote it on a report.

All agreed on the need of
respect the rights
of workers with disabilities.

Click here
to read the report.

Go to page 5 for the
Easy-to-read version.

Members of the European Parliament that work with Katrin
voted the report in February 2021.

Everybody thinks that
the report is a good thing.

In March 2021, the rest of the
European Parliament members
will talk about the report.

They will decide
if the European Union
needs new laws to respect the rights
of workers with disabilities.

A “law” is a rule that everyone
has to respect.