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Pathways to care for autistic children, with and without associated epilepsy, across Europe.

Online- Zoom

This talk will summarise the results from an autism care pathway analysis in Europe, which was part of a Value of Treatment (VoT) project. The care pathway of autistic children (with and without epilepsy) was analysed from the perspectives of carers, the autism community and professionals to identify service disparities. These are things that prevent autistic families from …

EASPD conference on family-centred Early Childhood Intervention: How to make it work

Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center Sheshi Skënderbej 8, Tirana

Hosted in Tirana (Albania) on 8th - 9th June 2023, this conference will focus on how to build policies and practices in the field of support for children with disabilities, or with developmental difficulties, and their families. The conference will address the key elements of family-centred Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) practices and the creation of national ECI systems. It will …