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Autism Europe took part in the European Days of Persons with Disabilities

Every year on 3 December is

International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

So on 28 and 29 November 2019

there was a meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

The meeting was about

how to make the lives of persons with disabilities

in Europe better.

The European Union made a plan

for people with disabilities.

The European Union is a group of 28 countries

from Europe that makes laws

for people with disabilities.

Laws are rules that people must follow.

At the meeting, people with disabilities

told the European Union that they want a better plan.

Autism Europe also wants a better plan

for people with autism in the European Union.

The meeting was also about sports

for persons with disabilities.

Pietro Cirrincione spoke at the meeting.

Pietro is the Vice-President of Autism Europe.

That means that he leads Autism Europe

together with other members.

Pietro spoke about Romulea Autistic Football Club.

Romulea Autistic Football Club is

an inclusive football team.

An inclusive football team has players with autism

and without autism.

Romulea Autistic Football Club wants to become

the first inclusive team in the Italian league

of players without disabilities.

Some cities in the European Union

won a prize for accessibility.

A city has accessibility when all people can live in it,

move around and use everything without problems.

The prize is called Access City Award.

Marianne Thyssen from the European Union

gave the award to the winners.

The city of Warsaw in Poland won the first prize

because it took few time to make the city accessible

and people with disabilities helped.

The city of Castelló de la Plana in Spain won

the second prize.

The city of Skellefteå in Sweden won the third prize.

The city of Chania in Greece won a prize because

it uses computers to help people with disabilities.

The city of Tartu in Estonia won a prize because

people with disabilities said how to make the city accessible.

The city of Evreux in France won a prize

because the city is accessible for people with disabilities

you cannot see like autism.