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Women and girls with disabilities need help against violence when at home because of the Coronavirus.

The coronavirus is a new illness.

Click here for information about the Coronavirus.

We must stay at home so that we do not get the Coronavirus.

It is difficult for many people to stay at home.

It is also difficult for many women and girls to stay at home.

This is because many women and girl face violence at home.

Violence is when someone hurts you.

Women and girls face more violence now because we all must stay at home.

Women and girls with disabilities face even more violence.

Women and girls need help against violence.

Many countries signed a convention against violence against women in Istanbul.

A convention is an agreement between countries.

Istanbul is a city in Turkey.

This is why the agreement is called the Istanbul Convention.

Click here for more information about the Istanbul Convention.

Autism-Europe wants countries to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

To ratify means to confirm a Convention.

When a Convention is confirmed, we say it is ratified.

It will help women and girls who face violence.

And it will help women and girls with disabilities who face violence.