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Autism-Europe members have two meetings online

On November 7th and 8th
Autism-Europe held
two important online events.

The first event on November 7th was
Autism-Europe’s Annual General Assembly.

The Annual General Assembly
is a meeting
for members of Autism-Europe.

Members of Autism-Europe
are organisations who work
to protect the rights of people with disabilities.

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about Autism-Europe’s members

The Annual General Assembly happens every year.

This year the Annual General Assembly was online
because of the Coronavirus.

Click here to learn about the Coronavirus.

There were 80 people
who attended the AGA.

The members at the meeting
learned about what Autism-Europe
has done since the last meeting.

The members talked about
the things Autism-Europe
will do in the future.

The members talked about
how the Coronavirus is
affecting autistic people
and their families.

Autism-Europe made a survey
for autistic people and their families
about the Coronavirus.

Autism-Europe shared the results
of the survey with the members.

Autism-Europe welcomed
7 new organisations.

The second event on November 8th was Autism-Europe’s
Council of Administration.

Members of the
Council of Administration talked about the rights of people with disabilities.

They also talked about plans for
Autism-Europe’s congress in 2022.

They chose to accept
two new administrators of Autism-Europe.

The Train-ASD project was presented at the event.

The Train-ASD project teaches teachers how to include autistic children in school.