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Autism-Europe wants an autism-friendly plan for people with disabilities

There is a plan for people with disabilities
in the European Union.

The European Union is a group of 28 countries
from Europe that work together to make laws.

The plan is to make sure that
people with disabilities in Europe
get the same rights as everyone.

Rights are things people can do
and cannot do.

Click here for more information
about the plan.

This plan will end in 2020 and
a new plan will begin in 2021.

The next plan is for the years 2021
until 2030.

Autism Europe wants the 2021-2030 plan
to be better for people with autism
in the European Union.

The European Union made
a first draft of the plan.

We want the European Union
to make changes to the plan.

We met with people from
the European Union who are working
on the plan online.

At the meeting we
told them what they want in the plan.

We want people with disabilities
to have more chances to learn, work
and get support.

The European Union will use the ideas
of Autism Europe and other groups
to change the plan.