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An event was held for European Day of Persons with Disabilities

Every year on 3 December
is International Day
of Persons with Disabilities.

On December 1 and 2
there was a meeting online.

The meeting was about how to make
the lives of persons with disabilities
in Europe better.

Autism-Europe and its members
went to the meeting.

Click here for more information
about Autism-Europe’s members.

There is a new plan
for people with disabilities in Europe.

Autism-Europe worked with
the European Union to make the plan.

Click here for more information
about the new plan.

People at the meeting
talked about the new plan.

The meeting was also about the Coronavirus and how it changes the lives
of autistic people.

Click here for more information
about the Coronavirus.

Some cities in the European Union
won a prize for accessibility.

A city has accessibility when all people
can live in it, move around
and use everything without problems.

The prize is called Access City Award.

The city of Jönköping in Sweden won the first prize because it made the city and businesses more accessible and people with disabilities helped.

The city of Bremerhaven in Germany
won the second prize.

The city of Gdynia in Poland
won the third prize.

The city of Poznań in Poland was recognised because it helped autistic people access services during the Coronavirus.