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What is the Coronavirus vaccine?

This article has been written
by Inclusion Europe.

The coronavirus is a virus that started
in 2019.

The coronavirus spread to many countries
all around the world.

The coronavirus is also called COVID-19.

The coronavirus makes many people sick.

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A vaccine is like a medicine
that helps you not to get sick.

Most people got a vaccine already.

For example maybe you already had:
• a flu vaccine
• a chicken pox vaccine.

To get a vaccine
you get a shot of medicine
in your upper arm with the help of a syringe.

A syringe is a needle
with a shot of medicine inside.

It will only hurt a little bit and after a few seconds
you will feel fine.

People that know a lot about the coronavirus
worked together.

Together they found a vaccine
against the coronavirus.

The vaccine helps your body
to fight the coronavirus.

This way you will not get very sick.

There are different coronavirus vaccines
that have different names.

But all coronavirus vaccines
protect you from the coronavirus.

It is good to get the coronavirus vaccine.

If you have any questions
about the coronavirus vaccine
speak to your doctor.

You can decide to have the Coronavirus vaccine.

No person can force you
to get the vaccine.

If you are not sure what to do
talk to a person you trust.

For example talk to:
• a good friend
• your family
• your support person
to find helpful information.

Every country has different rules
to get a vaccine.

You can ask your doctor or a person you trust
how to book the vaccine in your country.

In most countries in Europe
the vaccine is free.

This means you do not have to pay for it

The coronavirus vaccine
is ready for people to get it.

In many countries
the people that get very sick
from the coronavirus
get the vaccine first.

So do not worry if you did not get it yet.
You will get the coronavirus vaccine
when it is your turn.

To get the vaccine
you need to go to your doctor
or a hospital.

For the vaccine to work
you need to get the vaccine 2 times.

Both times you will get the vaccine
in your upper arm
with the help of a syringe.

Once you got your first vaccine
you need to wait 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks you go again to the doctor
to get the same vaccine 1 more time.

After you got the vaccine 2 times
you are protected.

From now on
you will not get very sick
when you get the coronavirus.

After getting the vaccine
some people have pain in their muscles
or a high body temperature
this can feel a bit like a fever.

Feeling a little sick after a vaccine is normal
if you feel unwell
you can talk to your doctor.

After getting the vaccine
you must keep wearing a mask
and do social distancing.

This is to protect yourself and others
until many people are vaccinated.

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