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Some common questions and answers

Is autism an illness?

We do not call autism an illness.

An illness can be cured and can disappear.

We call autism a “condition”.

A person will have autism their whole life.

It is what makes a person who they are.

Being autistic can make life more difficult.

But there is nothing wrong with being autistic.

It is not an illness you must make disappear.

Are there different types of autism?

Every person with autism is different.

This is why we call autism a “spectrum” condition.

It means every person has different ways of being autistic.

Some people with autism do not talk.

Other people with autism talk a lot.

Some people with autism like to spend time alone.

Other people with autism like being with people.

A person who talks a lot can still find life very difficult.

A person who does not talk can still be very.

We should not judge a person before we know them.

Are autistic people more sensitive to light and sounds?

Some autistic people are more sensitive to light and sound.

This means they sometimes hear noises louder than other people,

And can see lights brighter that other people.

This can make a person feel scared.

Busy and noisy places can be difficult for a person with autism.

Sometimes it can get too much.

Sometimes autistic people are sensitive to touch.

They might not like it when someone touches them.

When autistic people do not talk, are they less intelligent than other people?

A person can be intelligent event if they do not talk.

People who do not talk can show what they mean in different ways.

Some people use sign language (talking with their hands).

Some people use pictures.

How can you find out if someone is autistic?

People can go to the doctor to find out if they are autistic.

The doctor may ask other health people to see if someone is autistic.

It is good to find out if someone is autistic.

It can help them get the right support.

Can autistic people have jobs?

Autistic people can have jobs like other people.

Sometimes they need more support.

To get a job can be hard for an autistic person.

An autistic person might need support for a job interview.

It can be scary to do a job interview.

An autistic person might be nervous and not make a good impression.

Before the interview they might need to so some thinks like:

see the room where the interview will happen.

meet the people who will interview them.

know what things they will need to talk about.

An autistic person might need support when working.

They might need help to organise their work.

They might need support when the work is stressful.

The people they work with must learn about autism.

They must understand that when an autistic person does not want to talk

It does not mean they are not friendly.