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What Important things have we done in the past?

Autism-Europe is more than 30 years old.

It has done lots of important things.

In 1996 we made a document saying what rights autistic people must have.

We called this document the “Charter for Persons with Autism”.

Lots of people making laws in Europe saw this and agreed.

The European Parliament decided to accept this document.

People making laws still read this to know what rights autistic people have.

It helps the people making laws to understand the needs of autistic people.

In 2004 we got France to give autistic people better access to schools.

We saw France was not helping autistic people the way it should.

We got help from a big organisation called the “Council of Europe”.

They help make human rights in Europe better and stronger.

Together we persuaded France to make it easier for autistic people to go to school.

We persuaded France to give autistic people more support in school.

France then made a plan to give autistic people more support.

In 2007 we helped make the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.

A convention is an agreement between different countries.

This agreement explains what rights disabled people have.

We helped the people writing this agreement.

We reminded them what things autistic people need.

In the European Union, almost all countries have promised to follow this agreement.

In 2015 we asked for a plan to better support all autistic people in Europe.

We asked the people making laws in Europe to create this plan.

To do this we helped make a document called “The Written Declaration on Autism”.

It explains to people making laws in Europe what they must do to support autistic people better.

People in the European Parliament liked this idea and supported us.

Together we asked the people creating new laws in Europe to listen to us.

We are still working to persuade them.

We still hope the plan for will be created in the future.