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New report outlines barriers to political participation experienced by people with disabilities

The right to political participation of persons with disabilities: human rights indicators report, which has been released by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, reveals the significant challenges that people with disabilities face when exercising their right to political participation.

These include:

  • legal and administrative barriers;
  • inaccessible buildings, information and processes that do not take into account the needs of people with all impairments;
  • few opportunities to take part in political life due to a lack of support and engagement with disability groups;
  • a low level of awareness about the needs of people with disabilities among the various organisations involved in political processes.

The report also contains suggestions about how to improve political participation, including:  

  • Removing barriers to make participation more accessible;
  • Expanding opportunities for political participation;
  • Increasing awareness of the rights of people with disabilities;
  • Collecting data to measure political participation.

View the report (English only)