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Autism Luxembourg Foundation’s new center “Gil Huyberechts” inaugurated by the Grand Duchess

On September 28, Autism-Europe’s member, the Autism Luxembourg Foundation (FAL), inaugurated a new center for autistic adults providing day center and residential services for up to 24 autistic adults in Rambrouch, Luxembourg.

The opening, attended by Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess, included a guided tour of the building, which bears the name of the first president of the FAL and founder of Autism-Europe, Gil Huyberechts, as well as a photo exhibition of the building site.

Aiming at meeting the needs of autistic people who cannot integrate into the centre situated in Munshausen, the FAL, with the agreement of the Ministry of Family Affairs, decided to build the “Gil Huyberechts” centre in the east of the Grand Duchy, on the basis of the principle established over 10 years ago in Munshausen of providing – “a place for a healthy and serene life”.

Accordingly, several specific adjustments were planned from the design phase of the project. The centre is one of the first in Europe where architecture and interior design are used as a therapeutic method. The opening of this new centre offers a means of adapted accommodation for the users and their families, ensuring a family support through specific facilities in small living spaces.

The opening of the centre took place in the presence of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess, who had already supported the FAL on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day in April 2017. The event welcomed more than 150 participants, including the Minister of Family Affairs Corinne Cahen, the Minister of Health Lydia Mutsch and the Minister for Social Security Romain Schneider.