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Autism-Europe a.i.s.b.l. is an international association whose main objective is to advance the rights of people with autism and their families and to help them improve their quality of life.

Autism-Europe plays a key role in raising public awareness and influencing European decision-makers on all issues related to the rights of people with autism. 



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Autism Europe hosts the concluding conference of the SEAD project in Brussels

On the 23 September, Autism-Europe hosted the concluding conference of the SEAD project “Accessible education on sexuality and relationships. A mandatory step in the empowerment of people with learning disabilities and autism". The event took place in Brussels’ Passage 44, welcoming over 50 participants from all over Europe involved in providing sexual education to persons with learning difficulties.

Through three different sessions, attendees were able to broaden their perspectives, exchange impressions and share good practice and experience in the field of making sex education available to people with learning disabilities.

In total, twelve different organisations and educational institutions were represented by speakers at the conference: Autism-Europe (Belgium), the Adult Education Centre of Solingen and Wuppertal (Germany), Change (UK), Enhance (UK), HAN Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (The Netherlands), Molnár Gábor Műhely Alapí (Hungary), Luovi Vocational College (Finland), Kaunas centre for disable young people (Lithuania), SENSOA (Belgium), IPPF European Network (Belgium), the University of Merseburg (Germany) and the Westminster Learning Disabilities (UK).

The conference was graced with an address from the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, who stressed the importance of ensuring that all people with disabilities have access to an effective education on sexuality. The SEAD toolkit, which will be available for the general public on the SEAD project’s website, was also presented. Participants were able to familiar themselves with the toolkit by playing the "Embarrassment Card" game. In addition, different testimonials and performances were also presented as an example of education in sexuality through arts and creativity.

Sexual Education for Adults with Disabilities, their parents and staff, or SEAD, is an initiative promoting accessible sex education and empowerment regarding contraception, sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities. SEAD is a pan-European project which designs and promotes effective and accessible ways of teaching sex education and family planning to people with learning disabilities. Its aim is to address the lack of accessible information and knowledge of adults with disabilities through the development of a comprehensive toolkit combining activities like role and drama play, with pictures, audio/video materials and illustrated guides.


> For more information about SEAD, please visit the website of the project

> Download the agenda of the conference here

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