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“A New Dynamic for Autism. I ∞ autism”. Campaign toolkit

As part of a long-running awareness campaign launched on World Autism Awareness Day 2019, Autism-Europe will be focusing on the theme “A New Dynamic for Autism. I ∞ autism”. The campaign toolkit explains the idea behind the theme and outlines in detail how and when you can support the campaign in whichever way you prefer.

The document brings together recommendations on how you too can be part of our mission to make people more aware of diversity and inclusion, and to build momentum in pushing for a new dynamic for autism.

In 2019, the campaign theme and visual are also closely linked to Autism-Europe’s 12th International Congress, taking place in Nice, France, in September 2019. Under the theme “A new dynamic for change and inclusion”, the Congress is intended to share state of the art knowledge and experience that will make it possible to progress towards an inclusive society for autistic people.

Download the campaign toolkit

The toolkit includes:

  • Brand and Language Guides: fonts, logos, images, acceptable language.
  • Marketing tools: Web banners, social media teasers, images and video; flyers, posters, infographic, email signature.
  • Promotional tools: business card, roll-up banner, table-ten, letter template.
  • Advocacy and PR tools (available soon): Manifesto, Press Release, pledge for policy-makers.
  • Social Media Use Guides: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Easy to Read version of the toolkit (available soon).

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