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The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour- UK


In 2017, Autism-Europe’s member the National Autistic Society (UK) are asking businesses and shops to organise a National Autistic Society Autism Hour and take simple steps for 60 minutes that lead to a more autism-friendly world.

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Hour is the UK’s first week-long event, launching 2 October, where shops and services take 60 minutes to provide autistic people with a break from the overload of too much information.

Businesses, from major shop chains to small local cafes , are participating all over the UK and holding their own National Autistic Society Autism Hour during the first week in October. They will take simple steps for 60 minutes, from dimming the lights to turning down music.

To be the first to find out which businesses near you are taking part, and plan your visit, you can sign up for updates about attending this first ever national event for autism.


The National Autistic Society
+44 (0)20 7833 2299