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Autism-Europe a.i.s.b.l. is an international association whose main objective is to advance the rights of people with autism and their families and to help them improve their quality of life.

Autism-Europe plays a key role in raising public awareness and influencing European decision-makers on all issues related to the rights of people with autism. 



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Understanding of autism in Europe to be given a boost by ASDEU

Our understanding of autism will soon get a boost as universities, charities and expert institutions from 14 European countries come together in a major new programme.

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) has been funded by the European Commission to research autism diagnosis, prevalence and interventions and to improve care and support for people with autism. The 2.1 million euros given to the programme will help to increase our understanding of autism and improve responses to the condition.

In order to achieve this, the programme will focus specifically on: studying the prevalence of autism in 12 countries in the EU; analysing the economic and social costs of autism; reviewing existing arrangements and developing proposals for early detection programmes; training professionals; validating biomarkers for the disorder and improving understanding of diagnosis, comorbidity, and effective care and support for adults and senior citizens with autism. Autism-Europe is responsible for formulating policy recommendations to European decisions-makers in the field of health and social inclusion.

Help us map autism policies in Europe

Part of the ASDEU project consists of mapping autism-specific legislation and policies currently in place throughout Europe. Research into this aspect of national and regional approaches to autism will be supported by an online survey where autism organisations, persons with autism, their families, carers or any other professionals and stakeholders can provide feedback on the situation in the country/region where they live.

Your knowledge and expertise is key. We would therefore encourage you to help us by taking a few minutes to respond to our short online survey.  Alternatively you can forward it to people in your network that are familiar with the policy and legislative framework regarding autism. We thank you in advance! 

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