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A New Dynamic for Autism- I ∞ autism- WAAD 2019

In 2019, Autism-Europe is conducting a Europe-wide awareness raising campaign with its members on the theme “A New Dynamic for Autism. I ∞ autism”.

How can I support the campaign

  1. Reproduce the infinity symbol using one’s hands or, for example, by forming the infinity sign with a group of people.
  2. Grab your phone or camera.
  3. Take a picture, video or story of yourself doing this or showing the visual of the campaign.
  4. Explain what kind of action you take to support an inclusive society for autistic people.
  5. Share it on social media using the #AutismDay2019 hashtag.

The campaign theme

In 2019, the campaign theme and visual are also closely linked to Autism-Europe’s 12th International Congress, taking place in Nice, France, in September 2019. Under the theme “A new dynamic for change and inclusion”, the Congress is intended to share state of the art knowledge and experience that will make it possible to progress towards an inclusive society for autistic people.

Amongst the goals of the congress is to raise autism awareness and understanding, promote a rights-based approach to autism, and share knowledge and experiences. The theme of the 2019 congress uses positive wording and reflects the fact that fostering interventions based on up-to-date scientific knowledge, as well as deinstitutionalisation and community living, are amongst key priorities in France, the host country.

In order to echo this message globally, the slogan of the campaign is “A New Dynamic for Autism”. Therefore, the campaign slogan is completed by the claim “I ∞ autism” (read “I infinity/love autism”), echoing the logo.

Official video of the campaign, created in partnership with Autismo España.

Click here to download the video without dialogues and adapt it to your language and context

The campaign manifesto and pledge

Autism-Europe is campaigning for “A New Dynamic for Autism” to pave the way for autism-friendly European Union policies within the next mandate of the European Parliament from 2019 to 2024. In order to set this objective into motion, AE released a Manifesto highlighting the priorities of the autistic people in Europe. AE is also asking MEP candidates to sign a pledge to support autistic people and their families in Europe. AE encourage its members and network to download pledge (available as a handout in both A4 and A5 format), to translate it, to print it and to disseminate it among MEP candidates from your country.

Click to download the advocacy tools and get more information

The campaign toolkit

The campaign toolkit explains the idea behind the theme and outlines in detail how and when you can support the campaign in whichever way you prefer.

The toolkit brings together recommendations on how you too can be part of our mission to make people more aware of diversity and inclusion, and to build momentum in pushing for a new dynamic for autism.

Download the campaign toolkit


The toolkit includes:

How to adapt the campaign materials into your language

All the campaign materials can be translated and adapted into your language (editable files are available in the case of visual materials). Autism-Europe encourages you to do so and provides you with some assistance for doing this, if necessary. It is also possible to add the logo of your organization in these materials, together with the one from Autism-Europe.

Download the campaign wording for translation into other languages

Autism-Europe urges all who are considering using the campaign materials to think about what language is acceptable and appropriate to use within their own context and geographical area, particularly from the       perspective of people with autism, and to adapt the materials accordingly. Campaign materials are already available in the following languages: