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Autism-Europe’s 2012 Annual General Assembly held in Istanbul

Autism-Europe’s Annual General Assembly was held in Istanbul on May 4–6, 2012. The annual meeting was combined with a study visit to the Todev School for children with autism, a Council of Administration Meeting and an Extraordinary General Meeting.

It was the opportunity for AE members to learn more about the activities undertaken in 2011. Some highlights of the meetings included:

  • Presentations about the situation of people with autism in Turkey;
  • A workshop on autism and ageing in view of preparing for the conference to be held in October on this topic;
  • A discussion about the possibility to have common campaigning across Europe;
  • Three new member organisations joining Autism-Europe (the Danish Association for Autism, Fondazione Oltre Il Labirinto Onlus from Italy and Child with Future from Ukraine );
  • Elections to the Council of Administration were held.
  • A training session on legal capacity of people with autism under the UNCRPD;
  • During the AGA Autism-Europe’s bylaws were amended to create a membership category for non-European autism organisations;

The meetings were generously hosted by Autism-Europe’s Turkish member, Todev (a national association for autism).