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European Parliament and Council of the EU offer jobs and traineeships for people with disabilities

The European Parliament (EP) and the Council of the European Union (EU) have just opened their calls for their respective positive action programmes for people with disabilities. They aim at recruiting contract agents and trainees. If you are a person with a certified disability and wish to work or gain experience as a trainee, check the conditions for application and apply within the deadlines set in March 2024.


Opportunity to become a contract agent at the European Parliament

For the 10th consecutive year in 2024, the European Parliament (EP) has launched its positive action programme for people with disabilities. It provides the opportunity to be hired as a contract agent. According to the EP, it constitutes an additional pathway designed to facilitate access to employment for persons with disabilities at the European Parliament. This initiative offers candidates with disabilities the opportunity to work for the EU’s only directly elected institution, and it allows Parliament to ensure a diverse talent pool by attracting competent candidates.

The programme will establish a pool list of 20 suitable candidates for potential recruitment as contract agents in various function groups. Of those, the European Parliament annually recruits up to six successful candidates, who receive one-year contracts (with the possibility of renewal). The remaining successful candidates will be included on a pool list for a period of 18 months, with the possibility of recruitment by Parliament, outside the framework of the programme.

Please apply through the Apply4EP platform by the deadline at 17:00 on 18 March 2024 (Brussels/Luxembourg time).

Find out more about the eligibility criteria and the application procedure here.

Traineeship opportunities for people with disabilities in the Council of the European Union

The Council of the European Union, the EU institution representing the EU Member States,  offers up to six paid traineeships per year to EU nationals with a recognized disability in the framework of its positive action programme. Candidates with a disability are welcome to apply simultaneously to their other traineeships programmes if they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Traineeships are offered twice a year, with each traineeship lasting five months:

  •  16 February to 15 July (first period)
  •  1 September to 31 January (second period)

Applications are open for a limited period several months before the start of the traineeship period. Applications for the September traineeship are now open! Submit your application by noon (CET) on 14 March.

Find out more on how you can apply for a traineeship at the Council of the European Union Positive Action Programme here.