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Introducing F.A.C.T.S.: Informed practices on sexual identity and gender for professionals working with autistic people


FACTS logo with rainbow infinity symbol behind it, below it says Feel, Address, Contemplate, Talk, Share

Brussels – Autism-Europe is proud to announce the launch of the Feel, Address, Contemplate, Talk, Share (F.A.C.T.S) project, dedicated to promoting informed practices for professionals working with autistic people regarding sexual identity and gender.

Autistic people deserve equitable access to understanding and enjoying their sexuality and gender identity. Recognizing this need, the F.A.C.T.S. project aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to support autistic individuals in navigating their sexual feelings, desires, and identities, while fostering a safe and inclusive environment.

“FACTS is a European project aiming to raise awareness by creating a high-quality educational guide for professionals working with autistic persons,” explains Olga Romanou, from Greece-based project lead and partner organization PLOES. “All partners share the same aspiration of promoting appropriate guidelines and educational material, so that professionals are able to offer education on sexuality and gender identity to autistic beneficiaries.”

The FACTS project highlights the importance of effective education regarding sexuality and gender by promoting healthy relationships, preventing sexual victimization, and supporting the development of gender identity. Through collaboration and dialogue, the project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Equipping professionals to address sexuality and gender issues, including gender identities and feminism, in their support for autistic individuals.
  • Creating a state-of-the-art report and developing a curriculum informed by academic and professional expertise.
  • Dispelling misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding autistic peoples’ sexualities and gender identities.
  • Promoting sexual well-being and health among autistic people.
  • Preventing sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Challenging and addressing personal biases and prejudices among professionals to ensure fair and inclusive support for those on the autism spectrum.

The FACTS project represents a crucial step towards promoting the sexual rights and autonomy of autistic people and fostering a more inclusive society.

Throughout the duration of the project, a series of multiplier events will be organised across Europe to raise awareness of F.A.C.T.S.’ objectives and results, the first took place on 24 April 2024 in Greece.

For more information about the F.A.C.T.S. project and how to get involved, please contact communication@autismeurope.org.