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European elections: use your vote and support autistic people’s rights!

The elections for the European Parliament are taking place this week. Over the past months, Autism-Europe has engaged with (future) EU decision-makers on topics high on the autism advocacy agenda. As part of the “Not invisible” campaign, we have drafted a pledge to encourage candidates to the European Parliament to uphold and promote the rights of autistic people. Many MEPs and MEP candidates have already signed and/or shown their support! Do not miss the chance to use your vote this weekend to make a difference!

Over 70 MEPs and candidates have already signed and shown their commitment to autistic people’s rights, and we are grateful for all the support we have received over the past few months.

Our pledge is an opportunity for MEPs and candidates to demonstrate their engagement in joining us to champion our collective effort to improve the quality of life of autistic people. Now, in the new mandate, and beyond.

We will continue to reach out to Members of the European Parliament to cooperate in the next legislative cycle. If you would like to know who has already expressed their support,  visit our dedicated webpage to learn more about the support we received and what you can do as well.

Why should you vote in these European elections?

The European Disability Forum has highlighted ten reasons in relation to persons with disabilities and why you should vote, including the fact that:

  • The EU fights for accessibility
  • EU money supports persons with disabilities
  • The EU protects you at work
  • The EU protects you when travelling
  • The EU has created the EU disability card
  • The EU allows you to study, volunteer or travel – and get support
  • Your vote can make a difference in changing discriminatory laws that still prevent 400.000 citizens from voting

Learn more in the article “10 Reasons Why You Should Go and Vote”.