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EASY – Employability for Autistic Youth (2023 – 2025)

EASY is a three-year project that aims to create tools to support the development of employability skills for autistic people. This project brings together partners from various European countries and is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

About EASY

A significant percentage of autistic people are currently unemployed due to a lack of job-seeking training opportunities. The consortium wishes to offer guidance related to this journey by creating high-quality and targeted materials to support autistic youth by upskilling them. The project intends to focus on training youth workers so that they can better support autistic youth to develop their employability through informal and non-formal education.

Who We Are

EASY partners:

  • Luiss Libera Università Internazionale Degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli, Italy
  • Autism-Europe, Belgium
  • Kainotomia & Sia EE, Greece
  • EFTOPIA ltd., Cyrpus
  • Stowarzyszeni e Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorcz Osci, Poland

In the EASY consortium, Autism-Europe contributes to developing tools to support autistic individuals in their career pursuits and is responsible for disseminating the project results across Europe.

EASY Goals

  • Improve the participating organisations’ capacity to support autistic people’s competitiveness and employability.
  • Increase the understanding of youth workers regarding the diverse abilities of their beneficiaries, with a specific focus on autistic youth in their learning groups.
  • Increase autistic youth’s level of employability and help them claim their rightful place in the local, national, and European workforce.
  • Increase the visibility of the project and multiply its impact, key messages, and results.

Get Involved

We would like to extend an invitation to join us in our mission to support the employability of autistic individuals. Whether you are a professional, stakeholder, or member of the autistic community, there are numerous ways to participate. You can engage in our training programs, contribute to our research initiatives, or help raise awareness about our efforts.

More information on the project’s website

More about the Erasmus+ Programme:

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It has an estimated budget of €26.2 billion. The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.