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Break barriers together for autism- WAAD 2017- 2018

Break barriers together for autism


By clicking on the image above you can see some of the campaign’s key moments to date, and take a look at how our members across Europe and beyond, European policy-makers, and some other well-known faces, have all joined us to show their support.

Campaign video

Autistic people and their families face many barriers to enjoying their full rights. The aim of this campaign is not only to understand what barriers to inclusion autistic people are up against, but also to identify how we all, as a society, can work together to overcome and remove them.

Download the campaign manifesto

The campaign toolkit

The campaign toolkit explains the idea behind the theme and outlines in detail how and when you can support the campaign in whichever way you prefer.

The toolkit bring together recommendations on how you too can be part of our mission to make people more aware of these barriers, and to build momentum in pushing for their removal.

The toolkit also offers links to all the resources you will need to help us spread the word about the importance of fostering a better understanding of what accessibility means for people on the autism spectrum (flyers, logos, images, posters, social media images and guides, infographics, etc.).

Download the campaign toolkit

Download the Easy-to-read version

Download updated materials for 2018

We hope you will join us and that, together, we can foster a better understanding of what accessibility means for people on the autism spectrum.

How can I support the campaign

  1. Find a sheet of paper or a banner and write what accessibility barriers you face (as someone on the autism spectrum). The banner should read “A barrier to accessibility for me is…” followed by the biggest barrier(s) you face
  2. Break a hole through it, or rip it up
  3. Make a video of yourself doing this
  4. OR take a picture of yourself doing this
  5. Share it on social media using the #AutismDay2018 hashtag