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Teachers can learn more about autism with two new trainings

Autism-Europe is part of the ASD-EAST project
and the Train-ASD project.

The ASD-EAST and Train-ASD projects teach teachers how to include autistic children in school.

Both projects have created online trainings
about autism and teaching.

It is important for teachers to understand autism.

This way they can help autistic students learn.

The online trainings are free for everyone to access.

ASD-EAST created a programme and training materials
about autistic learners needs.

This project will help specialist teachers.

Specialist teachers are experts in working
with children with special educational needs.

The training programme and materials are available
in English, French, Croatian, Macedonian and Polish.

Click here to visit the ASD-EAST website.

You might need someone to help you visit this website.

Train-ASD created an e-learning platform
to host the training materials.

The platform is about communication and teaching approaches.

It will teach ways to communicate with people
that have difficulties to speak.

The e-learning platform is available
in English, French, Romanian and Greek.

Both platforms let teachers practice their learning.

Click here to visit the Train-ASD website.

You might need someone to help you visit this website.