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Ending Gender-Based Violence Online: What’s Next?


The closing event of Facebook's campaign around the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence will take stock of the discussions over remaining challenges, best practices and potential solutions to ensure women safety online and offline. The event will feature speakers from UN Women, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Women Lobby and …

Online Conference – “From Declarations to Action: Time for Social Rights!”


The European Alliance Stand Up for the EPSR invites you to the online conference, involving Europe's institutions and key stakeholders, to explain what the European Pillar of Social Rights is, why Europe and its people need it and how it must become a reality on which to rebuild our future.

Policy and Advocacy session: Gender inequalities in care and pay in the EU


Gender equality in care and pay in Europe has always been a slow-paced struggle. However, faced with an unprecedented challenge such as the Covid-19 pandemic, unequal structures have even more intensified where women are once again those carrying the greatest burden of families and society. On International Women’s Day, COFACE Families Europe is therefore bringing into focus gender inequality in care and pay through a European expert seminar.