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  • Dickinson Frisk posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Breast Cancer Causes and How to Prevent It Effectively

    All of you maybe know that breast cancer causes are varied. It becomes one of the major questions that every woman wants to know. Besides knowing about the causes, it is also crucial to know about the recommended prevention procedures too.

    Why? It is because there are so many myths around this case. Those mistakes are even mistaken for facts. Some of you may believe that breast cancer cannot be prevented. Meanwhile, others may think that self-examination is not effective to examine cancer.

    These mistaken beliefs bring you to confusion and make a condition of a cancer patient is worse than before. That is why; it is important to know exactly about breast cancer causes and also how to stay away from this disease.

    Gender is Matter

    You must know that gender is one of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer. Usually, breast cancer happened mostly in women. It is especially them who are more than 50 years old. It happens in 65-70% of all cases nowadays.

    The fact is that race also becomes one of the breast cancer causes. In the US, it plays a significant role where white women have a higher risk to get cancer than the women of African-Americans. Besides race, genetic also play the role.

    It means that you have to be more aware if there is a history of breast cancer in a family. Breast cancer is linked to genes BRCA2 and BRCA1. Someone who inherits these kinds of abnormal genes, especially the BRCA1 must be more careful with the disease.

    Hormonal Factors

    It is a fact that the hormonal factor can make someone has more risk of developing cancer. It is especially for women who start their period at the age of 11 years old or younger.
    Breast Cancer Treatment with late menopause also have a higher risk.

    The interesting thing is that women who give birth before they are 30 years old are more protected from breast cancer. Vice versa, women who are not giving birth forever are at a higher risk. Furthermore, breastfeeding is also important to do.

    It is a kind of prevention method to make you stay away from breast cancer. That is why; you must consider doing it because the woman who breastfeeds the baby is less susceptible to cancer. It is effective to prevent you from any breast cancer causes.

    Severe Diseases

    You must know that some severe illnesses can trigger cancer, including breast cancer. Those illnesses are like stroke, heart disease, and a bad lifestyle. Someone with poor dietary habits can have a higher risk to have breast cancer too.

    That is why; it is better to stop your alcoholic habits. Change it with regular exercise. Furthermore, someone who gets radiation therapy in her upper body before the age of 30 can also have a higher risk, overweight is also a major cause.

    Obesity in this case is one of the biggest causes of cancer. That is why; it is recommended to always have a good lifestyle and dietary habits. In addition, knowing breast cancer causes is actually the best prevention method that you can do.