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  • Juarez Stewart posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thin is in along with the Motorola L2 cellular phone is around as thin as a cell phone can possibly acquire. This spectacular compact cell phone phone has a lot of features built into its smooth design. The internal antenna provides for clear calls and the 128 x one hundred sixty, 65K Colouring CSTN can be impressive inside 4. four x 1 ) 9 times. 43 inches wide in dimensions. The L2 weighs 4. 03 ounces.

    get more info , the particular Motorola L2 handset is usually loaded with cutting edge files attributes SyncML Device Supervision (Sync ML DM) together with J2ME that provides the wireless tool set to aid create and employ programs and programs for mobile and mobile devices.

    The overall Packet Radio Service (GPRS) guarantees excellent cable connections with all the00 short messaging services (SMS) and multimedia messaging expert services (MMS) and the Wireless network Village Instantaneous messaging services. This unit has a wifi application protocol of a couple of. zero and offers mini usb connectivity.

    Course 2 Bluetooth enabled wireless engineering is enabled in the program. Customers can enjoy convenient hands free connections. The cell phone phone number also offers a new loan calculator, foreign currency converter and included phone. Downloadable Coffee beans software, photos and ring sounds usually are enabled, making personalization enjoyment through plentiful possibilities. MPEG4/H. 263 online video media record is created into the phone and the model showcases a 22 KHz polyphonic speaker.

    The slim cell L2 phone offers as much as around 5. 8 several hours of talk time and up to approximately 14. five days of standby time. Typically get more info is razor thin and its practical type makes it often the ideal cellphone for any person who loves compact things that really pack a strike.