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  • Aniyah Ayers posted an update 6 months ago

    Enjoying the pleasures of Stahlwand

    Located in the rural areas of Sabika and situated on the Sabika-Kikuyu road, Stahlwandbecken is a small settlement just south of the Sabika River where it intersects the Aberdarema reserve. This small town lies on a flat plateaus where it is bordered by the Sabika and Ngecho Oli tribes. Stahlwandbecken was a major staging point for the ancient Pueblo tribes as they moved from their homeland in the 16th century. There are still plenty of buildings from this period which can be explored in the area and there are numerous artifacts available for study in the museum in Stahlwandbecken
    The town of Stahlwandbecken today is a busy farming community and most of its economy comes from agricultural production of livestock, sugar cane, oats, and wheat. There are also some fruit and vegetable farmers operating in the surrounding regions. However, the town has maintained its peaceful way of life with very little commercial development taking place in the area. The town has a small marina with a swimming pool that is accessible by a dirt road. This swimming pool is open to the public and is a well-used tourist attraction.
    The swimming pool of Stahlwandbecken fur koi farm is about one kilometers away from the town. A paved road leads to the swimming pool with a dirt path leading to the other portions of the farm. In addition to the swimming pool, there is a separate area adjacent to the koi pond called the koi garden. Many tourists who visit Stahlwandbecken are amazed by the sight of the large number of ornamental koi fish in the garden. It is important to note that the primary sources of income for the farming community come from the sales of the koi and other livestock products like milk and sheep.
    One of the attractions of Stahlwandbecken is the fact that the public charity “Stahlwand Becken” (the original name of which is “Staalwand”) is able to attract a lot of visitors to the area because of the numerous activities organized here. The Stahlwandbecken Festival draws a lot of visitors from all over the country to attend. In addition to the traditional agricultural activities, the festival also includes street markets, live music, cultural displays, and koi and rides. For people who want to get matched up with compatible partners, they can take part in the annual festival. During this time, couples will have the opportunity to meet and greet others, engage in conversations with them, and get matched up according to their compatibility level.
    Aside from the attractions mentioned above, Stahlwandbecken also boasts beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. There are many beautiful and secluded areas in which to swim and frolic. For example, there is a swimming pool which is about fifteen meters long and has an overall length of about one hundred meters. In this swimming pool, there are a total of thirty-two different varieties of koi, ranging from the common silver koi to the more rare but attractive gold colored koi. About three hundred and fifty high quality eggs are released from this koi pond every year, making it one of the best places in which to raise koi.
    These and other attractions make Stahlwandbecken a great place for anyone interested in nature and wildlife. Anyone who wants to experience the beauty of nature at its best should definitely consider taking a trip to Stahlwand. You can find affordable packages for your stay in Stahlwand as well. To find out more about Stahlwand, visit their website today.