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  • Aniyah Ayers posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Naukri Mitra – A Hot Destination For Indian Domestic Servants

    Naukri Mitra is a well-known Indian domestic helper. This article highlights the typical work of the maid service provided by this agency. The agency has recruited many domestic helpers from different states of India like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh etc. It provides house cleaning services at reasonable prices. They are highly qualified and trained. They are women who are capable of handling any kind of household works.
    The house cleaning contract is normally three months long and extends up to a year. The first month’s job is as a normal domestic helper and the remaining two months provide additional duties. As most domestic help agencies recruit domestic workers from the same state where they have their office, there is no problem in hiring them from a distant state like Tamil Nadu. That is the reason why Naukri Mitra has recruited domestic workers from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala etc.
    Then Naukri Mitra agency uses a recruitment process which involves careful selection of domestic help candidates. The agency invites a candidate to their office and conducts an interview with the domestic help. The recruitment process is also dependent upon whether the domestic help is a non-smoker or a smoker. If a non-smoker is selected for a domestic help, he/she will have to undergo an extensive interview process. The interview process is to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills in domestic work, computer skills, punctuality, and faithfulness.
    The employer also determines the amount of salary that the domestic worker will get. Some domestic help employers offer additional benefits such as free training and certificates to encourage the employee to continue with the house cleaning service. These benefits are also offered to male domestic workers who have been in the employ of a female domestic worker for at least three years.
    After selecting a candidate from the pool of candidates, the recruiters go to the house cleaning agency to interview the worker. In the interview process, employers try to assess if the domestic worker has the ability to do the job satisfactorily. They also want to assess the interest and motivation level of the worker.
    To get the best maids, it is necessary to go through the employer’s credentials. An employer’s qualification should be verified by an external agency. This external agency should confirm that the qualifications specified by the employer are met by the worker selected for the job. A maid will not be hired if the employer’s qualification is not suitable for the position. The job posting should be followed rigorously and the employer should not hire a candidate on mere suspicion.