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  • Holmberg Stilling posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    The lesser recognized destinations of Europe have a way of unusual you and making it easier to glide and traipse round cities at your own time, with out feeling rushed. Ljubljana was simply that; it was a whimsical, small town crammed with dragon statues, creative graffiti works and a shocking romantic river that would rival the one in Venice. it was essentially the most convenient method after all to go to a smorgasbord of European cities.

    A journey to the lake isn’t complete without mountaineering the Mala Osojnica. It is a one hour hike the place you may be rewarded with top-of-the-line views of Lake Bled, the island, castle and Karavanke mountain chain within the background.

    The Trenta valley, carved deep into the center of the mountains, will make you neglect in regards to the on a regular basis city hustle. The cold alpine waters of Jalovca, Šit, Travnika in Mojstrovke combine from the glaciers in an underground lake, making their method via a slim karst gorge and emerge to the surface as Soča river.

    Lepena is a small settlement lying in the valley of Lepenjica Creek, which merges into the Soča river. The serene beauty will take you back in time, long before smartphones and drones existed.

    After nature and history, it’s time to mix each on a plate.
    Check out this travel blog Just a bit further from Kobarid town center, driving on highway 102,Hiša Franko is the place to go should you’re a true foodie.

    No campervan trip could be complete with no scenic drive onto the best mendacity road in Slovenia. Think of passing Vršič mountain cross as a slight heat-up to your driving expertise, they are going to be examined. The Mangart pass is a very narrow, winding drive over the mountainous part of Slovenia. Along this 12km long way, you will elevate 980m, passing through five rock-carved tunnels that have been hand-made by the Italian army as a defense in opposition to the Yugoslavian in 1938.