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“A happy journey through life”

In 2022, Autism-Europe conducted a Europe-wide awareness raising campaign with its members dedicated to “A happy journey through life"

Click here to download the campaign toolkit for 2022

Dropbox folder with all #AutismDay2022 materials

Press release in English

Manifesto of the campaign

For 2022, the council of administration members decided to use the motto of the 13th Autism-Europe’s Congress – “A Happy Journey through life”– which is at the heart of Autism-Europe’s mission to promote quality of life for autistic people. The theme of the congress illustrated the fact that a holistic approach is needed across the lifespan to ensure that autistic people can live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Throughout the campaign, we highlighted the needs of autistic people in relation to various policy priorities, at the EU, national, regional and local levels. AE and its members raised awareness of various issues such as access to education, health, employment, social inclusion, community support services, etc. At the EU-level, ensuring that the implementation of the new Strategy for the rights of persons with disabilities 2021-2030 and the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan take into account the needs of autistic people was central to our advocacy.

The campaign’s aims

AE wanted to show what “a happy journey through life” for autistic people and their families was by:

• Collecting and sharing testimonies and experiences from autistic people and their families on what happiness means to them.
• Promoting the artistic point of view of autistic people to illustrate what happiness is to them.
• Sharing key policy messages through different social media channels highlighting what needs to change to promote happy and fulfilling lives for autistic people and their families.

Find out how to engage with the campaign by checking the toolkit!

Art competition

One of the campaign’s mission was to give visibility to what a happy life means for autistic people and their family. Therefore, we launched an art competition: to give autistic people the chance to show through art what happiness means to them.

We invited you to send us artistic visual pieces, that reflects your passions, something you love to do in life, something that makes you happy. You could submit a photography, collage, painting, etc.


1.  The winning artistic piece and other participants’ entries was featured in the #AutismDay2022 campaign on social media and the AE’s 13th International Congress (giving proper credits to the authors)

2. The winner had 1 full online access ticket to the 13th Autism-Europe International Congress. This ticket included access to HD online transmissions of all sessions, 6 months of access to presentations, videos and extra materials. Online interactive poster session and networking online sessions during the Congress.

Read here the Terms & Conditions of the competition

Deadline: March, 21 2022 – 23.59 CEST

Survey to share your testimony

A key element of the campaign was sharing the voice and testimonies of autistic people and their families on what constitutes a good quality of life to foster positive change in society.

That is why we invited you to answer our survey and share your experiences! 

The survey was available in Spanish and English. If you would like to translate it to your language, please contact communication@autismeurope.org 

Deadline to fill in the survey: March, 15 2022 – 23;59 CET

Link to the survey in English

Link to the survey in Greek

Link to the survey in Spanish

Link to the survey in French

The campaign toolkit

The campaign toolkit explained the rationale of the campaign and outlines in detail how and when you can support the campaign in whichever way you prefer. The toolkit included visuals for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as key messages that you could include in your social media posts.

Download the campaign toolkit in English

Télécharger la boîte à outils en Français

Press release in English

Manifesto of the campaign

Would you like to translate the materials into your language?

Access this Dropbox folder where you can find instructions for translations