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Assessment, diagnosis, and clinical interventions for autism (UK 2007)

This guideline focuses on assessment, diagnosis and clinical interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders. It considers the evidence for joint working and consultation with children and young people, and with parents and carers. It also considers the evidence for how multidisciplinary and multiagency working can best address the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders at all levels of provision (primary, secondary and tertiary care).

Early diagnosis and appropriate intervention, specialised education, and structured support may help a child to maximise his or her potential. There are significant disparities in multiagency ASD provision in Scotland. Variation in referrals from primary care may be related to the problems that some primary care professionals can have in recognising the key symptoms of ASD. Referral rates may also be influenced by parental education and social class. There is variation in referral pathways and service provision and in the range of healthcare and other professionals involved.