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Autism-Europe’s IX International Congress, Catania

The IX International Congress of Autism-Europe “A Future for Autism”, held in Catania, Italy, 8-10 October 2010,provided a unique opportunity for updating and sharing knowledge on a wide range of issues concerning Autism, from genetic features and neuro-biological findings  to social and cognitive development, from diagnosis and classification to intervention and policies.

Some 1200 delegates, researchers, professionals, parents and self-advocates coming from everywhere in the world, enjoyed this unique opportunity to discuss with the best known scientists in the field of ASD their concerns and hopes for significant advances in terms of knowledge, provisions and proper support to persons with ASD in the world .

18 keynote speakers, 70 selected speakers and 185 selected poster exhibitors and other relevant personalities in the field of EU policies contributed to its success through the high quality and variety of their presentations, providing a comprehensive picture of the substantial gains in knowledge during the last 3 years and their implications for intervention.

Progress in scientific knowledge has come particularly from a greater use of experimental designs, the application of eye-tracking methodology, the use of functional brain imaging and the ‘baby-sibling’ prospective studies.

Greater gains in the fields of prevention and intervention can be expected in the years ahead. A better Future for Autism, persons affected and their families is close.


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