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European Days of Autism, 2011

During October, forty representatives of Autism organisations from across Europe were in Prague, Czech Republic, to celebrate the European Days of Autism. Events organised by Czech host organisation, APLA, included a high-level conference for a large audience of people with Autism, families and professionals and a roundtable discussion in which young adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS) talked about their experiences in education and employment. Co-host, Autistik, organised a study visit to a community-based service for adults with Autism. Autism-Europe’s Council of Administration meeting was also held in Prague during the European Days of Autism. 

Autism-Europe member organisations also held events across Europe to raise awareness about Autism. The events and activities were diverse – including conferences, film screenings for the public and meetings with high-level government representatives, among many others. For example, in the Ukraine – where the condition of Autism is not officially recognised – Autism organisation, Child with Future, held the first-ever meeting with government officials to discuss urgent actions required to assist people with Autism.

The European Days of Autism are an initiative of Autism-Europe that aims to raise awareness about Autism and foster cooperation among Autism organisations in Europe, because together we can achieve more.


More details about the European Days of Autism an be found in the 56th edition of our LINK magazine.