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Founding member of Autism-Europe, Joan Roca, has passed away

Sadly, in March 2012, Joan Roca passed away at the age of 82. The father of two daughters, one of whom has autism and is in need of a high level of support, Joan spent the past 37 years working to improve the rights and conditions of people who have autism.

Joan was a founding member of Autism-Europe in the early 1980s. He was also an instrumental organiser of the Autism-Europe International Congress V that was held in Barcelona in 1996. This very successful congress attracted the largest number of congress delegates ever (over 1600 people), with many thanks to Joan’s commitment.

At a national level, Joan was also the founder and President of Autisme la Garriga in Spain, a multidisciplinary organisation that provides services for the entire lifespan of autistic people and their families.

Joan will be missed as a dear friend to many and remembered as a tireless worker who fought to improve the conditions of people with autism. An inspiration to others, Joan’s legacy will not be forgotten.