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Autism-Europe joins the European Year of Citizens 2013 Alliance

Each year, the European Union chooses a specific issue on which it raises awareness and promotes the exchange of experience and debate in Europe. ‘The European Year of Citizens 2013’ (EYC 2013) is dedicated to the rights that come with EU citizenship.

In that context, Autism-Europe has become an official member of the European Year of Citizens 2013 Alliance. The Alliance aims to initiate a Europe-wide debate on issues related to the exercise of European citizens’ rights and citizens’ participation in the democratic life of the European Union. 

Within this alliance, Autism-Europe will raise the voice of people with autism, whose rights are currently not upheld in Europe to the same extent as those of other citizens.

During the EYC 2013 there are several activities scheduled in which civil society will be engaged. The Alliance is the peak representative of European civil society for the EYC 2013 and it is comprised of 56 organisations that represent a diverse range of Europeans. The Alliance is supported by the European Economic and Social Committee and will cooperate with the European Commission to involve citizens and relevant stakeholders in the activities of the EYC 2013.


More information from the European Commission