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10th Autism-Europe International Congress held in Budapest in September

The 10th Autism-Europe International Congress was held in Budapest, Hungary, on September 26 to 28, 2013. Around 1,100 parents, professionals and people with autism from 73 countries around the world gathered to discuss topics following the congress theme of ‘new dimensions for autism’, in which people with autism and their families can fully enjoy their human rights and a better quality of life. Issues such as the use of the ICT and ageing of people with autism were tackled, amongst many other topics.

The VI International Art Exhibition of People with Autism also took place during the Congress. On this occasion, the exhibition was held online and people were able to vote their favourite artworks. The winning artworks for the exhibition were:

1st prize – Nicolo Medas, Italy

2nd prize – Stefano Musso, Italy

3rd prize – Francisco José Luján, Spain

4rd prize – Nikolai Ortiz, Peru

The exhibition was organised by Autismo Burgos in collaboration with Autism-Europe.

This congress was an historic occasion, marking both the 10th Autism-Europe International Congress, and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Autism-Europe. Princess Marie of Denmark also took part and gave an opening speech. The congress was organised by Autism-Europe member, the Hungarian Autistic Society.

Autism-Europe’s congresses are held every three years and the next one will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2016, hosted by the National Autistic Society.


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Some photos from the congress have also been posted on Autism-Europe’s Facebook fan page