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European Parliament releases new report on Member States’ policies on children with disabilities

The report analyses the legal and practical implementation of policies for children with disabilities in 18 Member States of the European Union under the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The report identifies that the rights of children with disabilities are recognised within national legal systems, either through general or specific legislation.

However, the report demonstrates that the practical implementation of their rights is problematic in most Member States, resulting in obstacles faced by children with disabilities in everyday life.

It also notes that assistance measures for children with disabilities have been removed or reduced by governments in most Member States in recent years, as a response to the economic crisis.

The report outlines a set of recommendations for action by the European Union to enhance the situation of children with disabilities, including children with autism.

The reports from the 18 Member States are also available separately.


Download the EU report (English only)