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Briefing on Structural Funds Investments for People with Disabilities issued

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) has produced a briefing on the EU’s Structural Funds Investments for People with Disabilities, including people with autism, during 2007-2013.

The ‘Achieving the Transition to Community Living’ briefing highlights that at least €150 million were invested into institutions for people with disabilities in six EU Member States (Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and the Slovak Republic) during the previous funding programme period. It highlights four factors that have led to investments into institutions in that period, including:

  • lack of governments’ vision for the transition of people with disabilities from institutions to community living arrangements;
  • focus on poor physical conditions, resulting in the renovation of existing institutions;
  • lack of coordination of different EU funds;
  • other systemic barriers to community living.

The briefing also emphasises the importance of a more meaningful involvement of NGOs in the future programming of Structural Funds, including for the next funding period,  2014 – 2020, to ensure the voices of people with disabilities are heard in the policy making process and to ensure the development of quality alternatives to institutional care for people with disabilities.


View the briefing (English only)