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Report from Czech Ombudsman highlights failure to implement inclusive education

A report released by the Czech Ombudsman in February highlights significant gaps in the Czech school system which hamper inclusive education for students with disabilities, including autism. It also points out significant barriers encountered by families when trying to place their children with disabilities in mainstream schools.

The report describes a complaint issued by the parents of a young student with an intellectual disability against a regional authority for failing to provide adequate educational support. The Ombudsman identified clear evidence of discrimination against the student with a disability.

Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities compels states that have signed the convention to recognise the right of persons with disabilities to education. State authorities must also make sure that persons with disabilities are not deprived of their right to mainstream education.

The Czech Republic, as a signatory to the convention, has the obligation to implement measures which support the inclusion of children with disabilities, including children with autism, in mainstream schools.

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