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MapAbility project to map accessibility of higher education institutions for students with disabilities

Autism-europe is collaborating with the Erasmus Student Network, a new project to map the accessibility of higher education institutions in Europe for students with disabilities and special needs, including students with autism.

The MapAbility project is an initiative launched by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which aims to map various European universities according to their architectural barriers and accessibility of services, gather best practices in the inclusion of students with disabilities, raise awareness of the needs of students with disabilities and create a common vision regarding social inclusion of students with disabilties.

The initiative is currently conducting a questionnaire to gather information on the accessibility of higher education institutions in Europe. On June 2, a conference to present the results of the questionnaire will be held. The event, which will be hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee, will be attended by students involved in the project, project’s partners and relevant stakeholders in the field of inclusion of students with disabilities.

The ESN is a non-profit international student organisation of 12, 000 voluntary members in 36 countries representing international students in higher education institutions. Autism-Europe is collaborating with the ESN to highlight the rights and needs of students with autism.

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