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New research project on preventing abuse of people with autism

Autism-Europe is working on a new project, called SPEAK UP, which aims to prevent abuse of people with autism. 

The SPEAK UP Project (System for protection and empowerment of autistic children as victims of abuse or unintentional perpetrators) is studying risk factors connected to violence against people with autism. It aims at addressing this phenomenon at European level and proposes to develop operational tools of prevention and protection of children as victims or unintentional perpetrators of violence.

For example, the project creates toolkits for the protection of children and young people with autism from abuse, as well as the prevention of abuse by children and young people with autism. The toolkits have been developed in collaboration with professionals from health, education and social care organisations. 

Autism-Europe member organisations, Autismo Burgos (Spain) and the National Autistic Society (United Kingdom), are also partners in this project.


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