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Autism-Europe Vice President participates in workshop on UNCRPD implementation in Morocco

Autism-Europe’s Vice President, Evelyne Friedel, held two training workshops on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in Rabat, Morocco in May.
The first training workshop was held under the aegis of the CNDH (Conseil National des Droits de l’Homme – National Council for Human Rights) with members of the CNDH coming from regions across Morocco. The second training workshop was held under the aegis of the Law University of Rabat with professors, students and representatives of the associations for the defence of people with autism.
Ms. Friedel presented the principles of the Convention, focusing on the articles concerning the right of people with autism to education, health and participation in political and public life. She also presented the various types of procedures and controls set forth by the Convention and its protocol for the full implementation of the Convention.  
These workshops were held as part of a national campaign to raise awareness of autism in Morocco, titled “Je suis différent comme toi” (“I am different like you”). They were organised by the network ‘Collectif Autisme Maroc’ in partnership with the National Council for Human Rights. 
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