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Parents sold bleach as ‘miracle cure’ for autism

The Irish Department of Health has issued a warning concerning a false “miracle cure” for autism being sold illegally to parents in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The product, called Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, is a dangerous solution composed of sodium chlorite (commonly known as bleach) and lime juice. The product has not been verified as a cure for autism by any certified medical authority and is being sold illegally.

The marketers of this product are falsely claiming that autism is caused by parasites which can be eradicated by administering this product via an enema.

Officials are warning that its use will lead to serious life-threatening reactions and are advising anyone experiencing side effects as a result of using this product to see a doctor, urgently.

The false cure for autism first surfaced in the United States and Canada, promoted by the Genesis II Church, a religious organisation claiming to be able to cure various illnesses, including HIV, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  


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