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Atypicalsmile, a website to help people with learning disabilities with day-to-day tasks

A new website has been created as a way for families of children with disabilities to find carers to help them with day-to-day tasks. Atypicalsmile is the first website created with this aim, helping those with learning disabilities to access educational assistance, as well as company for cultural, leisure or sports trips, and learning support.

The concept of the website is to use the internet as a means of direct contact, bringing together far more potential companions than would otherwise be possible. Persons with disabilities and their families can thus obtain immediate results and filter the profile of potential carers according to their desired criteria (type of disability, region, type of assistance desired). The service also includes an anonymous messaging service that allows users to establish contact in a secure and gradual way. 

The initiative was initially launched in Switzerland but has gradually been spreading elsewhere, most notably in France and in Belgium. However, the project is not limited to these three countries and anyone who is interested in taking part is encouraged to sign up on the website, irrespective of their country of residence.


More information (FR/EN/NL)